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Do You Need an Energy Audit? What You Need to Know

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As a business owner, you need to remain aware of where your business’ money is going at all times. One way to find out how much you spend on energy costs is through an energy audit. If you are on the fence about an energy audit, you should consider how it will benefit your business. The following questions are some things to consider if you cannot decide whether or not to have an energy audit.
What Is an Energy Audit?
An energy audit is a thorough, in-depth examination of the current energy efficiency levels in your business. The auditor will go from room to room and check levels and evaluate your usage practices. He or she will record the necessary information and ask you what your desired level of energy savings are.
Next, the electrical technician will compose a plan customized on your metrics to help you reduce the costs of your energy consumption. The plan will focus on maximizing the functionality of the business while also reducing the amount of energy you utilize, thus saving you money without reducing your output.
What Information Is Necessary?
Before your energy audit, you need to provide the auditor with some important documents. You should provide copies of the building's information, such as its age and whether or not it has had any electrical upgrades. You also should provide floor plans, old utility bills, a list of the equipment your business uses, and your hours of operation.
In addition, you should provide some notes on any current issues you would like to resolve and updates you would like to add that may or may not require more energy usage than what you currently use.
Do You Need to Pay?
You will have to pay an additional fee for an energy audit. However, you may be eligible for a tax credit or rebate towards the cost of the audit. Utility companies offer these incentives to encourage business owners to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources.
What Are Some Benefits?
An energy audit comes with a plethora of benefits. First, the overall goal is to save money. An audit is one of the most effective methods in reducing your utility expenses.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, commercial buildings can waste up to 30 percent of its energy costs. That is essentially almost a third of your energy budget literally going out the window. If you can discover how to prevent the loss, you can have significant savings.
An energy audit can also help keep you and your workforce comfortable. If, for example, your audit confirms you need to better insulate or seal your building, the air will remain at a consistent, comfortable level rather than cold or hot air escaping from the building.
Additionally, an audit can help keep everyone in your building healthier. If your business is in an older building, an auditor can identify possible risks in the building, such as exposed or old wiring, carbon monoxide detection, radon leaks, combustion equipment without proper ventilation, and so on.
An energy audit can help provide environmental protection. The auditor will look at how you currently use energy and provide you with information to not only use less energy, but also suggest some more environmentally friendly methods. Less energy consumption reduces the amount of fossil fuel pollution generated by your business, which helps everyone.
If you would like more information on an energy audit or need further electrical installation assistance, please contact us at Motor Shop Electrical Construction Company. We are happy to help you with all of your electrical installation needs and support services.