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Providing Dependable Electrical Service Since 1949 269-968-2241

Providing Dependable Electrical Service Since 1949

Professional Control Panel Services in Battle Creek, Michigan

What Is a Control Panel?

The control panel in your building does just what the name implies: it regulates the technical functions of your property. It operates heaters, lighting, motors, and much more. Think of it as the central nervous system for your building. Keeping an optimally functioning control panel will ensure that all your systems run smoothly.

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Our Specialties

Control Circuitry

Computers run every system used in our modern age. Control circuitry is the term for electric circuits that regulate the operation of a computer or peripheral device. As you might expect, this circuitry vastly differs from one system to another. Handling these components is an extremely complicated and delicate process that should be left to the experts. Our team has trained specialists who will manage any circuitry services in your building’s control panel. 

Troubleshooting and Repair

People don’t often realize how complicated a system is until it needs to be fixed. Hiring an inexperienced electrician will only make the problem worse. Fortunately, we have experts trained to administer efficient, effective troubleshooting services.

Our Expert Technicians

We understand that a malfunctioning control panel is more than just an inconvenience. It can halt your business, disturb your routine and pause your life. Our team at Motor Shop Electrical Construction Co. has spent over 65 years working on intensive electrical problems. We easily identify and solve complex control panel malfunctions. Whether you need the control to your garage door fixed or an intensive update of an industrial system, get the help you need today.