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Providing Dependable Electrical Service Since 1949

Comprehensive Power Analysis in Battle Creek, Michigan

Our Efficient Electrical Equipment

Over our many years of electrical service, we have assembled an extensive group of top-quality equipment. These tools allow us to analyze a plant’s power. From this information, we can assist our clients in optimizing the input and output of their systems.

Our Intensive Charts and Graphs

After we’ve run extensive diagnostics on your industrial plant’s system, we will create comprehensive charts and graphs to ensure that the resulting data are clear and helpful. From these statistics, we will help you find the optimal solutions for any problems. Our results include in-depth analysis of the following components.

power analyzer


The higher the voltage of your plant, the higher the flow of electrical current. Analyzing the electromotive force in your system will help determine if it is running at ideal levels. We will suggest improvement options, such as a power conditioner to supply voltage to equipment.


Amperage is the strength of an electric current. This charge is calculated in measurements called amperes. With our comprehensive analysis, you will learn whether your factory is producing a strong electrical current. We run diagnostics to help determine why the amperage of your plant might be low and troubleshoot the best methods to improve it.

Power Factors

Power factor is defined as the ratio of working power to apparent power. It is essentially a barometer that measures how effectively electrical current is being used. If your plant has a high power factor, that it is an indicator that your system is using its power efficiently. A low power factor is a sign that your working power is not being used optimally. We will help you discover the cause of this problem and its solution.


If there are harmonic frequencies in your power grid, it is an indication of a problem. Harmonics found within power systems generally result in conductors and other equipment heating to dangerous degrees that result in system failures. Our team will work with you to find the best method to eliminate this issue and get you an industrial plant that runs smoothly and safely.