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Providing Dependable Electrical Service Since 1949

Affordable Power Conditioning in Battle Creek, Michigan

Manage Your Electrical Systems

We all want our lives to run smoothly. Fortunately, even though we can’t have full control over everything, there are some things that we can effectively regulate. Manage the efficiency of your electrical systems and units by getting affordable power conditioning.

What Is a Power Conditioner?

A power conditioner is a device that is designed to increase the quality of power delivered to electrical equipment. It supplies voltage that allows the operating component to function optimally and at full capacity. Power conditioners regulate alternate current (AC) by delivering energy adjustments. It also removes spikes, sags, noise, surges, and frequency anomalies. These are common issues that damage the performance of an electrical system.

The Two Types of Power Conditioners

The sizes and features of power conditioners vary. Some are small enough to be fitted to a circuit board, while others are large enough to supplement an entire industrial plant. From voltage regulation to power surge protection, we have the system that’s perfect for your building.

AC Power Conditioners

AC power conditioners have 10 or more outlets or repositories. These components are ideal for surge protection and noise filtering, promoting the safety of your electrical devices. This type of conditioner is often found in homes and offices.

ac units
power lines

Power Line Conditioners

Power line conditioners need to be manufactured to the specifications of particular components. During a power emergency, such as storms and collapsed power lines, voltage spikes are frequent and dangerous. This conditioner absorbs electricity and triggers an automatic shut off to protect your electrical equipment.